daily – 69

I want to say no, to explain what’s really happened, to make them stop and listen to me, but the the hard look on Reynold’s face and his steady, determined motion forward mute me.

Why am I arguing? They can look at the logs. They’ll see the hack. I made the mistake of opening the wrong file, but that’s not a crime.

My heel hits the first stair and jolts me. “Okay. My office is upstairs,” I say, turning and climbing the stairs. Above me, Patrick is heading up as well, his head craned around as he moves. “Patrick, just go to your room for now. I’ll come get you.”

“I think, ah, it would be best if we stayed together, Mr. Nemmons.” The Interpol man’s voice is still uncertain, but at least he’s not reading his lines anymore. “Patrick’s history and skills are well-documented, and they run parallel to our current investigation of the activity identified as originating from this site.”