daily – 73

“This is what I was trying to say. I didn’t do this. I’ve been hacked.” I settle into my chair in front of the screen, keeping Patrick close. I have to get my logs up and make my case as quickly as possible.

Gerent speaks up as my hands lift over the keyboard, his smartly-dressed form stepping quickly up beside me. “Mr. Nemmons, please don’t touch anything.” Despite his movement, his voice is still uncertain, as if the request is actually one which I could refuse.

I know full well that’s not true, but my mouth is already on autopilot. “I’ve been working overtime on a bunch of reports for the office tonight, when all of a sudden the system went out of control and started accessing stuff all over the place.”

“Sir, we need to assess-”

“Dad!” Patrick’s gasp doesn’t cut Gerent off, but actually punctuates the fact that Gerent had stopped speaking mid-sentence.

My mouth shuts as I face the screen again and Patrick reaches forward, tapping the lunar heatmap to the front: cold grey, hard white, and absolute black.

Not a hint of red or orange.