good review at amazon

a good review has appeared on, and while there are some downsides, the reviewer goes so far as to compare elements of my style to Glen Cook, which is is clearly an enormous ego boost, thank you very much!

so, here i am again, at the top of the rollercoaster. a common misconception of my zodiac sign, libra, is the belief that we are balanced and stable individuals.


being a libra, at least for me, is being always in search of equilibirium. as a result, i’m never quite there. case in point: my previous post. saddling myself with the familiar weight of self-pity, i bemoaned the fact that the store i was hoping to have a booksigning at was going out of business. a few days later i discover this review (which, in fact, was posted the day before the book store news) and voila, validation once more.

what i have learned, however, is that the rollercoaster costs extra. what that means is…well, honestly, i don’t know what that means; it just sounded clever.

what i do know, though, is the experience with the bookstore would have been something to knock me out of the game, some years ago. i would’ve taken it as a sign or some other foolishness, and buried my head back in work and self-pity. now, though, what i most took away from that discovery (once i got past the moment, of course; i’m human) was the fact that i’d let the unimportant things clutter my view and fill my days.

i am never so bloody busy that i can’t spend five minutes writing, nor am i so busy that i can’t make a call to a store and set up a signing, particularly one with a manager who was so clearly willing to help. i made this happen, as much by what i didn’t do as what i did.

so there’s the lesson: stop wasting time.

when i’m on my game, i feel like i could write without stopping until i breathe my last breath and not get all the stories out of my head. when i’m not on my game, i have sheaf after sheaf, drawer after drawer, and file after file of story ideas scrawled down to keep me busy. (of course, i’m the first to admit not all those ideas are worth sharing, but you get the point) either way, i’m an idiot for stopping.

so, i started again, and you’ll see more of it here very soon.