the endless query letter

that’s how it feels, anyway. been working on the query letter for a few months now, sending various versions out to various folks, but i think i finally hit a professional tone which had been lacking in my previous query letters, which feels good, and makes me think i didn’t completely waste all of last saturday plus half of sunday (and most of the evenings of the previous week). i know, it’s never wasted, and all these versions are learning steps, but when i think i finally have it and go to print it out and the printer gives me a hard time at 10pm and runs out of ink two-thirds of the way across the page, well, it’s clearly time to walk away.

then there’s the speed of the internet, for those that accept emails. a double-edged sword. i can zip off a query letter without postage or delivery delay or anything. immediately, it’s in the agent’s inbox. with equal dispatch, so too can the agent’s rejection be in my inbox.

ah, well. this is the way of things.