this past week

not a bad week for query letter productivity. after what felt like a turning point in the query letter revision process last weekend, i sent 19 query letters out, 8 of which were snail mail, and 1 of which was a web form. within 24 hours i’d received 2 ‘thanks, but no’, 1 out of office, and the automated response from the web form. since then, i’ve received 1 additional ‘thanks, but no’. s’okay. it’s the way of things.

realizing the error of my ways by not directly pursuing the book signing at the store that just closed (still not funny), i stopped in at the local borders and re-contacted the inventory manager to get onto the store’s calendar for a signing. i should hear back by the end of this week about setting up a date, so stay tuned!

other than that, i’ve been trying to re-initiate my story-by-day work, though i haven’t been too religious about it (not nothing again today). this begs the question of just how committed i am to making a living by writing, but i’m going to pretend i didn’t ask myself, for the time being.

i will get there.