queries and partials and exclusives, oh my!

i came home recently, hit the computer, checked the email accounts, and triumphantly told my wife, ‘hey! no rejections, today!’

to which she sadly, and somewhat hesitantly, replied, ‘ah, there’s a couple in the mail there for you.’


i thought email was fast, but some of those snail mail queries got turned around and sent back so fast i think they told the postman to wait while they opened my envelope, pulled out the SASE, and a) scribbled my name on a mimeographed (seriously, that’s what it looked like; i could practically smell that old familiar tangy odor from the teacher’s lounge) rejection letter, or b) tucked my own query letter back into the SASE along with a business-card sized, pre-printed rejection notice.

but them’s the breaks, really. part of the whole suffer for the art, bit, right? at least that’s what i’m telling myself.

and then, almost like karma, i got a partial request! my first one! i know from my travels on the blogs and forums that partials are just one more step in the process and are dead ends far more often than not, but still! call me pathetic, but i got all giddy.

of course, i jumped right on it, and will be on pins and needles trying not to think about it.

perhaps equally ‘of course’, i received another partial request (woohoo!), which had me bouncing high again (all the more because it was from someone i had not ever expected to respond), until i read the bit about ‘don’t consider simultaneous submissions’, which deflated me in an instant. i was stuck, with the other one already out there. now i’ll be on pins and needles wondering what might have been.

timing is every-bloody-thing, right?

upside? at least another person was interested enough to ask!