i arrived home this evening to another of my SASE’s. Unlike the previous two responses to my snail mail query letters, however, this one contained a request for a full.


seriously! a full. i sent just a query letter and the agent has asked straight for a full.


now, i’m trying not to let it all go to my head, but this has been one doozy of a week. all that angst and time spent on the query letter’s most recent incarnation seems to have done the trick. or not. perhaps i’ve just finally narrowed it to the proper agents? some of both? anyway, partials and a full in the same week? crazy.

as i’ve noted before, my blog-scouring and research has shown that partials and fulls are not entirely uncommon, and more often than not result in a no, albeit a more personalized and informative one, apparently. and that’s after the reading delay (usually between 2-3 months).

so, it’s now a matter of keeping my brain in place. i feel very fortunate for these attentions, but i can’t depend on them, or wait for them to bear fruit. i’m expecting to hear tomorrow about a book signing at the local Borders, i’m planning a trip to Boston to hit the bookstores in the metro area, and i have a few more places to send it out for review. there is still much to be done.

most critical, though, i need to dive back into book 2 and run with it. (ah, the joy of mixed metaphors…)