teensy weensy bug fix

it has nothing to do with anything, but i just fixed a layout problem* with the blog for IE6. the right side items were showing way down at the bottom of the page, so i did a little tweaking to get them pulled back to the top. i also fixed a problem with the first paragraph of each post running off the side and disappearing for the last 4-5 words of each line.

okay, so most folks never noticed an issue to begin with, i’m sure, but i was just made aware of the problem and this is the mini-geek side coming out.

ah, the joys of pre-dawn life…

*and unfortunately ran into a minor problem with the header in IE7 not constraining to the center column, but going to the full screen width, if great than 1024×768. however, it’s visible, it works, and it’s better than not being able to see the content.