how cool is that?

okay, i’ve been mostly complaining lately, so here’s something different.

near the end of april, i sent a copy of Witness to an online fantasy/sf book review blog who said they’d be interested in giving it a go, but apparently the package never arrived. i got distracted in the intervening time, however, and never followed up*, and i would have missed the chance completely if the blogger hadn’t emailed me yesterday to ask about the book, noting that the book had never arrived.

how cool is that? the blogger contacted me to ask about the book. even cooler, the blogger asked if i wanted to send it along again, as there was still interest reading it; to which i responded something vaguely more intelligent than “well, duh!” before racing out to the post office.

not to put too much into it, but this is just one of those things that feels great to be impacted by, and i am thankful. restores the faith in the human race and all that. (i’m not mentioning the blog/blogger by name as i’m not sure whether there might be some interpretation of obligation for review or whatever and though i tend to overthink such things, i’d rather err on the side of caution. anyway, the blog in question is one of the book review blogs on my sidebar, so share the love and give them all a visit.)

* the vast majority of my mailings (review copies/manuscripts/query letters) are within the US and i use the Priority Mail envelope, plus the delivery confirmation, so i don’t have to pester folks. however, for international mailings, like this blog, the USPS doesn’t do delivery confirmation, so i have to remember to touch base with these folks after a couple weeks.