i just want a response; is that so wrong?

short version: Witness is back in the Ingram Books In Print database!

long version: no-one at iUniverse made me aware of this. i got tired of waiting and pestered my borders contact and asked him to see if it had been fixed. he checked, it was, and the discount was even correct, amazingly.

after my latest phone call a few days ago, during which i rehashed the entire situation with yet another series of largely sympathetic and understanding first-level customer service representatives, both of whom investigated further while i was on the phone (which i thought was very nice), i was no farther than i was before.

the first rep’s investigations revealed that i had apparently requested changes to my book in May and therefore the turnaround for making the changes and getting the book back to print was 45 days.

but, um…i didn’t make any changes.

backpedalling slightly, as she was only relaying information from a third party who was not directly on the line, the rep said there must have been a ‘hiccup’ which would still yield the 45 day delay.

hm. yeah. which is to say, no. i need to speak to someone else.

i was duly transferred, went through the issues again, stating this time that i needed to know what ‘hiccup’ had happened to my book production. period.

this rep did research, returning to tell me that there was no hiccup and that the system showed everything fine, both at iUniverse and at Lightning Source (the physical printer). she didn’t have an answer as to why the erroneous info had been relayed, but she was firm that there was no such issue.

she also, however, didn’t have an answer as to why it was showing in Ingram as unavailable. she was also fairly firm that she believed i had to resolve this with Ingram directly.


but she said she’d research it and call me back. that was a couple days ago.

so, on a frustrated whim, i just called borders and he checked and there it was. available, proper discount, ready to order.

so, really, i’m thrilled that it’s back to normal and i can start visiting calling bookstores again to see if anyone would be willing to carry it and not fear the embarrassment again. this is a good thing. i’m thankful. i really am.


i mean really, how hard is it to drop me a note?