yesterday’s lesson: first things first

following, sort of, on the thread of a comment from my previous post, i started yesterday with typing up my previous day’s posts (and for the record, i did manage to get the 5 pages done on wednesday to make up for tuesday’s moving trip, so that was cool).

this was all fine and good an idea to start with, to get myself caught up on the typing. if only. not only did i have more than 10 handwritten pages to type up, but i let myself slip into some revision, which i’ve been expressly trying to avoid. thus, three hours later, i still hadn’t started the day’s quota, and my wife had to remind me, though so subtly that it took three attempts because i can be rather overwhelmingly oblivious sometimes, that she was on her last vacation days before at least mid-terms and wouldn’t it be great if we spent some time together.

i did finally get three and half pages just before dinner, but it threw my momentum off and i was starting to get a little panicky about not making it.

so, lesson learned: writing before typing. do the new work before going back to the old.