and then there are the great days!

like today. 8.5 pages written. awesome. and why? two reasons. first, because i saw the problem and pushed myself through it. second, because i talked my last obstacle out with mary this morning on our walk before breakfast and discovered my answer even as i was speaking. the spoken word. amazing. talking to myself doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

anyway, i’m thrilled with the pages today. i spent the morning working out the last of the sub outline (3 pages, itself) for this scene, and then flew through the writing. it was a great feeling. of course, now i can’t get my back to straighten up because i’ve been hunched over so long, but that’s what yoga is for.

i’m conflicted about how to count all this, though. as i mentioned,  a couple pages from monday’s extra pages were largely crap (i salvaged about half a page), and all of tuesday’s work was useless. that said, i wrote the pages, even if i have since junked them. do i count them or not?

well, i think i’m going to count them toward my daily requirement, but won’t count them toward my word count total. that makes sense. so, today’s work catches me up with yesterday’s genuine lack of any real writing and thus my daily requirements are covered. also, today’s work will keep my word count pretty close to on target for the week, too.

yep, that works.