it was 3am and i was awake

so i wrote.

and after the week i’ve had, beating my useless brains against the wall to get through a couple seemingly tiny obstacles, it was brilliant. i mentioned last week that my wife helped me through an obstacle i was having; well, she did it again in the middle of this week, and gave me a run of seven and a half pages that day, plus several pages of notes. it made up for the tuesday of absolutely zilch, despite hours on end. i just wasn’t putting more than a few words together at a time. painful anyway, wednesday was great, got me caught up, then yesterday i had another problem [it bears repeating that this is the section i assumed would be easy to write, so i left it bare in the outline].

however, it wasn’t until after mary left for work, so i was stuck. i tried free-writing. i tried more outlining. i tried a line of writing that worked, but is for a section several chapters from now. i tried talking to the dog about it. i tried walking away. i tried forcing it. i tried faking it. i tried caffeine. i tried candy. i tried reading a book(Robinson Crusoe, which i don’t think i’ve read all the way through, before). i tried housework and walking the dog (twice).

the thing of it was, it was always just a few words away. the answer was just maddeningly out of reach. i considered spending time on the internet or catching up on Morrowind (yes, the Game of the Year for 2002; I’m that far behind), but i resisted, knowing the vacuum those can be, especially when i’m having trouble writing.

so i stuck with it. and at 4:30 in the afternoon, i cracked it, and made my quota.

and by 5:30 this morning, i was already halfway to my quota. a good day coming.