word/page/chapter status and note

a most excellent day of writing, today. we slept in all the way to 6:15 (well, after letting the dog out and feeding her at 5:30, anyway) and the weather was dark and gray, followed by some rather heavy rains until about late-morning, at which point it blew through and by mid-day you’d never have known it had rained (aside from all the water on the ground, off course, but even that dried up and blew off by the afternoon). brilliant blue skies, brisk air, breezy. absolutely perfect fall weather.

except it’s the middle of august.

anyway, great output today. managed to get 7.5 pages written, helping catch up from yesterday’s lackluster 2.5 pages. i got past the second major action sequence, roughly in the center of the book, and am poised for a good start again tomorrow.

however, as i am trying to write through the afternoons, while i still have the free time (school is coming!), i haven’t been as up on my typing. my last effort was a measly 1000+ words. so, in order to keep a status on things, i’ve replaced the stock counter with some text, which will be both more and less accurate.

more, because it will indicate pages and chapters, as well as words.

less, because all numbers (except chapters) will be based on estimates, following the numbers i came up with at the end of the first week. this will also allow me to be a bit more regular in the updates, even if i am using fuzzy math.

so, as of today, i’ve passed the halfway point in words and pages, which is a good thing, but the chapter count is noticeably off. i’ve realized that my chapter distinctions in the outline are less than consistent, so that will be something i work on in the future. still, i’m going to keep the count up just for my own amusement.

at this rate, then, i’m no longer certain of my ability to by labor day. it’s actually quite doubtful, given only two weeks. but hey, i love a challenge.