writing away, friendship renewed, plus some cool news for next week

today was another good day. not as good as i’d hoped, as i let myself start a little later than expected, but i got a good 5 pages written. i’m pretty sure there’s some bloat in this bit, but that’s okay for now. i’m enjoying how the flow is working.

i’ve been trying to update the word/page counts in the sidebar daily, and i pulled the chapter count, as it’s totally irrelevant at this point. i’m identifying better chapter demarcations regularly, and looking ahead i can see that the last several chapters are actually a series of smaller scenes in a single chapter, or something to that effect. it’s also the least relevant marker, so dropping it is okay.

i also spent the afternoon with a good friend i haven’t seen in at least 5 years. she found me here in the last six months, and we finally managed to meet up again. it was great to see her, and it was one of those blessed situations where we just slipped back into conversation without so much as a pause. i say again, i am a very fortunate person.

of course, she’s read the book, and while she maintains her differences of opinion, it was great to hear her talk about what worked and didn’t work for her and how excited she was about it. not only for the obvious ego boost, but also for the ability to have a face to face conversation about several aspects of the book. it brings up an interesting question about how much to say about the book and how much to leave un-‘answered’ (which assumes that, as i’m the author, i have the answers, which i sometimes wonder about). but that is a topic for another day.

and no, i tried not to monopolize our first meeting with talk about my book (though you’ll have to ask her about the truth of that).

oh, and the last bit of news is that i learned last evening that Witness will be reviewed under the Alternate Worlds spotlight section of (whose motto, i believe, used to be: ‘gagging on bad prose, so you don’t have to’, which was both disturbing and hilarious at the same time – the newer taglines are good, though, and easier to…swallow?) next friday, august 29th! it’s a good site with a growing focus on the underdogs, the less popular authors, the diamonds in the rough, if you will. as for the review itself, i don’t know much more than they seemed to like it very much, so i’m excited for the 29th, as well! be sure to check them out at the link above. i’ve already picked out a few books to check out, myself, from their reviews.