i failed…

…to complete my quota, today. actually, i failed to complete today’s and yesterday’s quota, today. i’ve taken the weekends off, but i intended to keep the 5 day week going. intended to…

but no writing got done, yesterday. it was labor day, it was a lovely relaxing day with my wife, i have no complaints about that whatsoever.

the problem is that today got away from me. i got 2.5 pages written this morning, which was excellent, but the rest of the day was given over to pre-first day of school work, which had to get done. so, this too had to be done, and there’s no point complaining about that, either.

now, though, it’s nearly 10, and an hour and a half of attempted writing this evening barely squeezed out another half page.* just enough to make 1 day’s quota, but not the required 2. i had given myself the option of carrying over one day’s work to the next, but only once in a given week. this is the first time i haven’t managed to stick to that.

and tomorrow’s the first day of school. that said, i’m quite excited to be getting back into the classroom. i’ve definitely missed it, and it will be good to be part of that process again.

* i probably would have been okay, actually, if i had realized earlier that i was stubbornly trying to force the characters and storyline again. they’ve got better ideas (they always do), and i really need to pay attention.