sanity is…

… is allowing myself to sleep.

i had such high hopes for this weekend, book-wise, and that was my mistake. i’ve made it to saturday morning, ‘book-time’, with the end of the book on sunday morning, but i just couldn’t get any further. i delayed my school work until this afternoon, and i had more than a little to do, there, and there were all the leaves to be raked, the trips to the dump, the dog to walk, oh, and my wife to spend a little time with between frenzied writing sessions in the garage.

i had been toying with the idea of an all-night session to bull through and finish, but, again, my wife came to the rescue, reminding me over dinner that there was no specific need to finish this weekend, and that finishing on Tuesday or Thursday is just as good.

Yeah, that means no marathon look-at-me-i-pushed-through-and got-to-the-end writing challenge, but it also drastically reduces the chances of me staring into my cereal bowl in the morning and hating everything i just wrote, not to mention probably getting sick from exhaustion and screwing up my classes because i haven’t slept in 48 hours, because, well, i’m not twenty-one anymore.

not that i don’t think i could do it, mind you…