bad days happen

following tuesday’s excellent work, progress was derailed when i got the rug pulled out from under me in other areas of my life on wednesday. the event caught me blindsided and i let it carry over to thursday, normally a good writing day. as a result, i spent an hour and a half trying to write and utterly failing.

these things happen, though, and at least i tried, so that counts for something. sort of.

anyway, i’m pretty much through that, now, and this morning saw some more work, though not actual story writing. i hit a little snag with the final showdown when i was trying to work through the funk yesterday, and it caused me to doubt a fairly central theme of the story so far. not a good thing. as a result, i started questioning my ability to write the final scene, as it is, inevitably, a cascade of that central theme.

bleh. not a fun place to be.

however! i recognized what i was doing, and sat myself down this morning with a plan to stop theorizing and questioning and doubting myself. instead, i put pencil to paper and forced myself to write all the concerns. in the process of so doing, of forcing the explicit articulation of the ‘problems’, i was able to more directly address them:

problem: if char. X has decided to blah and blah, instead of blah, then she can’t do blah as i had planned in the outline. this means that char A and B are not the blah, becuase they wouldn’t have seen blah.
response: but why can’t X do blah? follow that out. if she does the other things instead, doesn’t that mean that A and B are actually…

…and so on, until, not very much later, i was back in control. or, well, perhaps not control, but my confidence and understanding were back in place, and i’m looking forward to the end again, with some very cool evolutions and discoveries.

in fact, i discovered better ways of handling a couple of situations than i had originally intended, adding more depth to a pair of characters who, in hindsight, were only slightly more than cardboard cutouts before.

i suppose i owe wednesday a big thank you.

check back on monday!