a few steps closer

but still not quite there. i got another 6 pages down yesterday, which was very goo d and very exciting, but today was a day for school work, yard work, helping out, and cake-baking (no reason, just a sudden urge – sue me).

i did try again this evening, but after more than an hour of false starts, i’ve decided that the 18 hour day (for no reason whatsoever i was up at 2:30 this morning) had to come to an end so i can function at school tomorrow.

and, with any luck, some clearer insight into the last few steps of this rollercoaster.

here’s hoping, anyway. goodnight.

  1. Young William!
    How is my young scribe doing? Hope all is well and you’re nearing the end of your tome. Busy, busy at work which I suppose is good but this craziness is taxing. Must dash but hope to talk to you soon.
    Mind how you go.

  2. my dear Mad Gerald,
    it’s great to hear from you, though i can guess the kind of craziness you’re in. i do hope there’s a some good in it, too.

    as for the increasinly aptly named ‘tome’, thanks for the good thoughts. i’m _this_ close to the end, but i’ve been pounding my head against a wall for days with this last conundrum. hoping for a final breakthrough every moment, though.

    and now to try again…

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