those accursed day jobs!

not really, of course. my two day jobs allow us to keep paying the monthly bills, since my wife’s paycheck covers the mortgage. i may love writing, but i love hot water and having a roof over my head, too.

but after 5 pages of all-out, heart-pumping, wild writing this morning, I’ve finally (finally!) (finally!) reached the climactic moment and have only the denouement left; but, curse it!, i have to start that other job in four minutes, and there just isn’t time.

yes, it can certainly wait until this evening, but, to quote the brilliant, though sometimes sadly misguided, joss whedon: grr! arg!

  1. You had me all excited thinking you were announcing your completion here! Oh well. good luck with wrapping up the story (first complete draft?), and getting some much needed time away from work this weekend.

    be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


  2. Little Brother,
    thanks for the note and the good wishes. i was hoping to announce the completion today, myself. that said, sorry to disappoint earlier, but how about now?

    yep, i’m done! (and yes, the first complete draft)

    i’m well, i’ll be in touch soon, and i think the work is good…

  3. What good fortune have I to be gifted with such a talented husband! I am exceedingly proud of your discipline, your perseverance and accomplishment. Now, get that microscopic chicken scratching typed so I can read it!
    loving you.

  4. how did i get so lucky?
    you know nothing i do here is without your support.

    now, about my so-called chicken scratching…

    well, yeah, you’re right.

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