quarter to nine on a friday night, and the complete first draft of No Good Deed has just been finished.



i’m so jazzed right now. i want to dive right into the revision, give myself a carpal tunnel recurrence going all night typing it up, but i need to take a breath. it’s strange to think that it’s actually done. all this time talking about it, and finally getting there, particularly with the way the ending seemed to be one obstacle after another.

mind you, this is the first draft. the intention all along has been that this will not see the same number of revisions as Witness (11, 12, 13…?), but there are likely two more full scale revisions, and possibly a third, though i will do my best to avoid that.

be that as it may, the first draft of Witness took more than a year to complete. this one took three and a half months (starting the july 21, the day after readercon, and ending today – thank you again readercon!). that’s, like, 70% less time. like, oh, my gawd!

it’s also good to remember that the first two months were full time (yielding the bulk of the work) and the last month and a half has been as the unpaid third part-time job of my weekly existence (proving my ability to make this a viable vocational venture – verily).

anyway, now i’m babbling. so sue me. i just finished another book.

yay me!

p.s. – there was one thing i wanted to note about today: i had lunch with a good friend i haven’t seen in too long, and she asked about Witness and about my progress on the new book. i told her about the various rejections for Witness, which are just part of the game, and being _this_ close to the end of the new book, but continuing to hit obstacles, even though i could practically taste the ending.

as i was relating these things, i was toying with the cap of my Jones Soda Co. bottle cap (cream soda, very good; apple also surprisingly delightful) and noticed some writing on the inside. Looking closer, I had to laugh out loud:

The tide of change approaches

i mean, come on. how could i not finish today?

  1. WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Congratulations! Now we schedule the overdue lunch!

  2. thanks, Julie! (a little slow responding, here; been off-line in up-state new york over the weekend)

    It’s a great thing, though starting to feel a little unreal, after a couple days away from it. have to start typing it in, now.

    but we’ll definitely plan that lunch!

  3. Bill – I am so proud of you! I’m sitting at my desk at work, and I want to cry. Ok – I’m sitting at my desk at work actually bawling my eyes out because finding your blog and reading this news has made me feel so happy. I’m hoping to god that nobody walks by and sees me. Boy, what a sap I am. Don’t worry – I’ll pull myself together and if anyone asks I’ll say it’s allergies :). Wow – this is so cool. I can’t wait to read it.

    Hope all is well – give Mary a big hug and kiss for me. I miss you guys.


  4. dearest Jen, thank you.
    sappy is good. i like sappy (we just finished the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time last week).

    seriously, though, thank you. i’m thrilled you found me, and the timing’s pretty darn good, too (i don’t have to say ‘yeah, i’m *still* writing another book’). it’s been a wonderful trip for me, and i wouldn’t change a step of it. it’s all been worth it, including the unexpected re-connections this whole process has blessed me with.

    we miss you, too.

    now no more tears!

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