get to it, ya slacker!

there’s been a minor hiatus on the book front these past several days. following last friday’s high, i was primed to type my way through carpal tunnel syndrome just to get everything off the page and onto the computer (to my wife’s happiness, as, it is true, my handwriting, particularly when i’m writing longer pieces, can become, while not illegible, all but [not unlike this sentence]).

in the meantime, we spent a few days over in upstate new york for my wife’s work, out near my old college stomping grounds, which was a very nice distraction, entirely away from the book, the computer, and everything else. our dog spent the weekend at ‘camp’, a very small boarding kennel she loves more than home, and the cats got the house entirely to themselves for all that time, so everyone was happy.

i also had a nice conversation with a clerk at BestBuy during our stay, who turned out to be a fantasy fan, and who might pick up Witness. it was my first such conversation, and i enjoyed it very much.

of course, i utterly blanked on nearly every possible name when we were discussing authors, which was not only embarrassing, but very well impacted his perception of my validity as an author in the genre (if you are said individual, the authors were Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie – if you are not said individual, please keep your laughter at my idiocy to a minimum).

anyway, this morning i’m typing, and very excited. not sure how well the fingers will hold up, but we’ll find out.