steady on…

i managed another 3+ pages last night, and then another 5 this morning (it helped that i was awake at 4:30, frustratingly), so making good progress, but I’m not used to this much concentrated typing, and my hands are letting me know it. so i picked up a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, and we’ll see how that works. i used it many years ago when i had actually developed a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome during my time at a dot com, and it worked suprisingly well. that was version 1, i think. it’s now on version 10, so it should be a breeze. i’ll let you know.

i do also need to confess that i was doing more revision than i should be, as i typed. yesterday was particularly indulgent, partly because my scribbles were such a mess in that section, but mostly because i wasn’t being strict enough with myself. this is dangerous, and slows down the input time, considerably, so i need to hold back. it’s not easy, though, but today was better. i’m hoping the software will help keep me focused on just what’s on the page, too.

handwritten pages left: 186