things to remember

i just finished another 5 pages this evening, which is great, since it took a little under two hours (not including the half-hour interruption of the delightfully geeky The Big Bang Theory, which we adore [and what’s up with the loss of My Own Worst Enemy? no fair!] ), meaning i have started typing faster than i was writing. minimal revision, and clearer pages.

what i wanted to mention, though, was the armada of geese coursing over Saratoga Springs this past weekend while my wife and I walked along Broadway before dinner. We’d been out walking the neighborhoods in the bright and early morning and seen various smaller flocks heading past overhead, which was great fun, but in the last hour of daylight, mary pointed up into the sky. there, against the brisk, clear blue forever of sky, was a what looked like a single, enormous formation of geese, all heading back the way they’d come, all at the same time.

we stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, staring up and watching for at least a full couple minutes as the honking birds flapped in steady, almost dreamy V’s across the sky. it was fantastic, and filled my lungs and heart and soul with that indefinable, painfully precious joy of simple life and pure existence for which these words are the palest substitute.

what a wondrous world we still live in.

handwritten pages left: 175