so push on.

so, taking my lumps from yesterday’s weakness/over-indulgence, i’m back in focus. i managed to get another page done yesterday around the day job and managing to stay awake long enough to eat, which was good. and this morning, i’ve got another 4+ pages down, already, and it’s not yet 8:30.

which is very good, because i have some freelance work i have to do a little travelling for, so i’ve got to head out now, and then it’s the dayjob by the time i get back.

excuses? not at all. challenges? perhaps. life? definitely.

one step at a time.

perhaps one of the greatest benefits i receive from teaching part time is reminding me that my students are among the most driven desirous individuals, who are, every single day, overcoming genuine obstacles and even tragedies, which i have had the (admittedly unfair) fortune never to experience.

are they all saints? no. am i? definitely not. but if i wasn’t doing this work, i could easily forget what real courage and difficulty is.


well, when i get into funks like yesterday, i’m reminded me how small i’ve let my world become, and i pick myself back up and push on.

keep moving.