saturdays are good (and exercise always helps)

i think i mentioned that my wife and i have started at a local gym again, recently. it’s always amazing to me how much benefit i get out of this, and it’s at least as much mental as it is physical, getting me out of funks at the very least, and actually giving my brain time off to mull over half-ideas or story blocks and find solutions.

mind you, i hate going. i do. i think of all sorts of excuses and try to convince myself that i’ll go tomorrow or i can skip a day and i’ll be fine.

lies, obviously. i know for a fact how fantastic i feel when i’m done. without fail, literally without fail, i feel better afterward. even if the workout didn’t push me or i felt weaker than i thought, my mind is clearer, my mood is lighter, and i’m up for anything.

so, after hitting the gym this morning, i typed up another 6 pages of story, and enjoyed every minute of it. i’m jazzed again, and anxious to get more done, but we’re actually going to knock off some christmas presents this afternoon, and then we’ve got a nephew’s state championship football game to cheer on this evening (which will require six or eight layers of clothes, apparently, but it’s always great to watch him play), so there’s not much to complain about there (aside from the above complaint about the cold, but hey…).

it’s good to be back on track.