in the (almost) dark

so we lost power late yesterday afternoon, which isn’t entirely unusual in rain and wind storms like we were having. it was blowing pretty strong. days that make one thankful for a roof and heat. which we had, thanks to the woodstove. i love woodstoves. i’m sure pellet stoves are extremely efficient and all that, but i do enjoy the hands on element of a woodstove.

anyway, why am i talking about woodstoves? oh, the power outage. so it being december up here in the northern climes, late afternoon is another word for night, so after watching the computers and lights sputter and gasp for life a few times, in vain, it was time for candles.

no power meant i had to cut my work day for the remote computer job short, unfortunately, but no power also meant i couldn’t go back to typing the book up. very frustrating.

until i remembered my wife’s laptop. several candles and a thankfully full battery later, i got to work:

almost no power

i managed to squint and peck my way through three more pages before dinner (you can just make out the battery alert bubble on the bottom corner of the screen), making a grand total of 18 pages, yesterday. not too shabby.

the power was back on before bed, thankfully, so let’s see what today brings.