short term pain, long term gain . . . or not?

another couple hours this morning gave me 6 pages (plus a little revision), which is great. even better, the rest of the day is open to me, as there are no classes today, because of Thanksgiving, tomorrow. so there’s the potential for significantly more progress.

but should i?

i’m calling it now for lunch, and for a couple hours of makeup work for my computer job (following yesterday’s power outage). i’m still up in the air whether i’ll put in a full afternoon there, or finish the bug i was working on and then go back to writing.

on one hand, more money; on the other, more book progress.

but there’s one more factor: my wife is home, today, too. of course, she’s more than capable of entertaining herself. right now, as a matter of fact, she’s baking a delicious smelling lemon pie from a new recipe, and this follows a morning spent reading.

so what’s my point?

well, i tend to take an overly long view of things. i see the whole of the work with the book as needing to be finished as soon as possible, in hopes of getting an agent and contract sooner, which would, presumably, yield a bonus to our financial income which would, in turn, allow me to slow down a little and enjoy more of the daily things i keep saying i’ll do after i finish the book, like more walks with the dog, more projects around the house, and more time with my wife doing, well, whatever.

but i’m pretty sure that’s what i said after Witness, and here i am teaching part-time, computer work part-time, and writing part-time. of course, we have financial requirements, as everyone does, so the jobs are critical. does this mean the book isn’t? no, but i guess i’m trying to get to a place, mentally, that allows me to not work on the book obsessively. writing is still my goal, but if i spend an afternoon curled up with a new book* next to my wife, sipping tea, throw in a walk with the dog, and who knows what else, or nothing else at all, can i not think of it as time-not-making-progress-on-my-book?

one way to find out.

have a lovely holiday, all.

* i was just given the second book in D M Cornish’s Monster Blood Tattoo series, Lamplighter, which i am thrilled to get into, but now i have to re-read Foundling, first. i highly recommend Foundling, and have great hopes for Lamplighter, too. not only are the writing and the incredibly rich world delightful, but i love Mr. Cornish’s artwork, all self-done.

and by ‘delightful’ and ‘love’, i obviously mean ‘incredibly, painfully jealous of’. take a look for yourself. i wish i’d had these books when i was younger.