the final conflict!

today was another good day, despite being a school day. not as good as saturday, but 16 pages is not to sneeze at. 14 of those were in between classes, no less. not too shabby.

as i mentioned, though, i’m in the last chapter, which means the final conflict and resulting resolution! and yes, they’ll be separate chapters in the final version. anyway, i’m really excited by what i’ve come up with here, and can’t wait to get to the end, which is such a great feeling.

okay, obviously, i know how it ends, but at this point, after pushing through all 413 pages, so far, i don’t remember the particulars, until i run across them again, and it’s almost like reading them for the first time.

in some cases, even, i find myself thinking of a better way of saying something, only to find that revision crowded into the margin. i love it when i have the same idea twice, like that. that has to be a good sign, right?

of course, i’m biased, and it always makes me hesitate to think about how others might receive what i’ve written, but for right now, i’m thrilled. who could ask for more?