the draft is done! long live the draft!

so, yes, i’ve reached the end of the handwritten pages, turning 277 pages of scribble into 459 pages of mis-spellings (pretty darn close on the estimates, too, which makes me irrationally proud)!

seriously, though, it’s an awesome feeling. and one i won’t harp on any more, because there’s still the spell check to walk through (as i tell my students: use it, just don’t trust it!), and then the 4 pages of known notes and fixes i have to address, not to mention whatever else comes up.

so, i’m off again. we’ll see how easily i can get through this bit!

oh, and here’s a quirky thing: as mentioned, i turn off spell check for this first typing process, because it can’t be expected to figure out the quirks of names and such, and it very often tries to fix a word i’ve mis-spelled with another word I didn’t want (ex: i’ll type ‘throught he’, which should have been ‘through the’, but spell check will give me ‘throughout the’). however, i’ve taken to making even my mis-spellings work for me: below is a list of words i’ve mis-spelled which will likely appear at some point or another as character, place, or object names in other books entirely.

Knod. Sofi. Ghrus. Graps. Thigs. Pual. Shurgs. Chald. Knodd. Fath. Hisper. Meem. Wask. Brish. Coar. Pucking. Foten. Faucten. Cleep. Wauken. Waiken. Haad. Clok. Hei. Thein. Gey. Ehre. Ehere. Shreak. Torse. Hinking. Inu. Schot.

and every now and then a single ‘word’ sparks a whole slew of related ‘words’:

Wask. Wasken. Wasking. Wasked. Waskep. Waskish. Waskinning. Waskau. Waska. Waskit. Wasker. Waskanna. Waskannish. Wasko. Waski. Waskit.

i think these last have lot to thank D M Cornish for, given my recent reading.

alright, i’m really leaving, now.