an unnecessary warning

back up your data.

this was my wife’s MP3 player/USB drive, affectionately referred to as the ‘doodad’, which i’ve been using for bringing files back and forth to school, including No Good Deed.

thankfully, i didn’t lose any book work, but I did lose school work and several other things that will be difficult to fully reproduce. even worse, i’d been telling myself for a week that i should back them up, but nooooooo, i just had to keep putting it off.

i’ve since backed up all my documents onto a separate hard drive, which i haven’t done in a long time. far too long. the thought of losing my book like that is physically unsettling.

so, if you haven’t backed up your work lately, don’t be a bill. do it, today.

in book news, i’m about halfway through the book correcting the asterisks. in addition to the larger notes i tacked on to the end of the document as i typed, i put a *next to any smaller, one-shot items that i wasn’t certain about (did i say this street was Campbell or Prescott?; would this sentence sound better with the verb in front, or afterward; do i even need this paragraph or is it overkill?; are Swiss bank accounts still the best for hiding large amounts of money? [answer:no, panama’s the place to really hide your gobs of cash]).

it’s been good work, so far, but not as quick as i’d hoped, because, since i’m just putting asterisks, i need to spend a little time with each new instance to figure out why i put one there in the first place. this slows it down a litte, and sometime the research slows me further (re: panama), but it’s good stuff, and necessary. i even stumbled upon another, unrelated, story idea, but first things first.

  1. So, what happened to the doodad, anyway? Run over by a truck? Eaten by a dog? That’s some serious destruction there! Really glad to hear how the book is coming along. I love getting your updates. Hope all is well with you and M. Happy holidays!

  2. well, the doodad was just hanging out, minding its own business, getting some sun on the hood of the car, and the next thing it knew, it was hangliding around a corner, without a glider. it may not have been the fall that killed it, or hitting the ground, but it was definitely dead after a few hours not quite on the side of the road. Poor bugger.

    glad you’re enjoying the updates. i’m having a blast and things are good all around for us, really. I hope you folks are doing well, too (and Benjy does indeed look like a young John Adams!). Happy Holidays!

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