winter has come.

i live in maine for a reason. i love the weather. all of it. well, almost all of it; summer is my least favorite. i’ve never been a hot weather person, particularly the muggy hot. thankfully, then, that’s our shortest season. fall is my favorite, followed by winter, then spring. so, when i see things like this, i get excited. ice storms mean that winter is officially here!

and, yes, the pine needles were frozen individually. how cool is that? it’s hard to capture the brilliance of the sun through the frozen branches overhead, so you’ll have to trust the second picture is even better in real life.

now, that doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. this weekend, half of my state was without power thanks to ice dragging down power lines and such. this is very bad for a lot of people in less fortunate circumstances. we lost a number of sizeable limbs and one of our trees now points out at 45 degrees rather than straight up, but though we lost power friday morning, we have a woodstove (another major bonus of winter) and our electric hot water tank is insulated, so we were fine, and we got power back that night. some folks are going to be without for several more days, and crews have been at work non-stop all weekend.

on a more selfish note, the lack of power meant limited book work, obviously. i did squeeze another hour and half of asterisk work on my wife’s laptop. but, fearing that we would be among those not getting power back for days, i left a handful of asterisks as they were, saved the file to a flash drive, and drove to a Staples to have it printed and bound.

so, for all intents and purposes, i’m done with the typing, and am moving to the first official revision!

well, i’ll get there tomorrow, anyway, as we’re using this weekend to get most of our Christmas stuff taken care of, including picking out and cutting a tree, which we’re off to do in a few minutes, so i’ll end this ramble, here.

i hope you’re warm, wherever you are.

  1. Is it weird that I love reading this blog even though I either live it with you or you tell me essentially the same stuff when I see you at the end of the day? Nah. not weird.

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