thankful to be home

this post was going to be just a quick note about being incredibly thankful for not having to drive the pre-holiday interstate traffic anymore, but, well, you know me…

we’re getting ready to go to my sister-in-law’s for christmas afternoon, and we have my mother’s family’s annual post-christmas christmas this saturday, and i find myself incredibly thankful to be home, here in Maine.

after college, we spent several years outside the state, following school and work, and we made some wonderful friends and truly memorable experiences. however, we were always someplace else, generally someplace nice and friendly and cozy, but not home. our families, for the most part, are both here in Maine, and what is home without family? so when we found a chance to come home, we grabbed it.

i know many people cannot be home during the holidays, when their absence can be more intensely felt than other times, and for them, and their loved ones, i wish some small bit of peace and happiness, wherever they may be. a phone call, a shared memory, a photo, a card, a song.* it’s not much, but when you’re away, it doesn’t really take much.

be well, everyone, wherever you may be.

*even a few minutes to be entirely, deeply, profoundly sad for being away can be a good thing, as long as it’s followed by the good thoughts, too.