Happy New Year! (now get back to work.)

on a whim, my wife read me my horoscope this morning (after reading Get Fuzzy, which is our current favorite comic, and has been for several years running, but only just got added to our local paper):

“Get into a project rather than delay it any longer.”

well, dang.

i mean, really, if a total stranger can pick up on the fact that i’ve been neglecting the book, how obvious is that?

seriously, though, it’s been long enough. i’m considering it the break that i didn’t give myself before, so it’s okay, but it’s time to get back to work. i have another week before school starts again, and i have a goal of getting through revision 2 before the semester starts.

yes, it’s a lofty goal and one not entirely grounded in the reality of my other day job and prepping for the coming semester’s classes, but it’s something to shoot for.

also, i’m genuinely itching to get back to it. it’s been truly great to spend the holidays with my wife and with our families (including some we haven’t seen in a couple years!) and friends (including, also, some we haven’t seen in years!), but i’ve eaten way too much junk food and done way too little writing.

i have managed to force myself to at least five minutes of writing, usually at night before bed, but it’s not enough. i have a book to finish!