not the start i’d hoped for

i’m not entirely sure what makes me do (or, more accurately, not do) stuff like this*, but since my last post i’ve spent about an hour on the revision.

yep, that’s pathetic.

i’ve cleaned the house a time or two, caught up on our finances, followed up on some outstanding bill issues, worked at the other job, worked on the syallabi for this coming semester, practiced my piano (working on Carter Burwell’s “Bella’s Lullaby” from the Twilight soundtrack and “On The Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady), visited with family and friends, gone to a simulated sky-diving facility with my wife and nephews (if you ever get a chance, do this), spent time with my wife just hanging out, saw “Australia” (better than i expected; a nice fable), walked the dog, visited the last night of the Impressionist exhibit at the museum, wandered the Internet (distinctly too much of that), brought the christmas tree out to the back yard with the popcorn strings for the birds to enjoy, returned stuff to the library, and other stuff, absolutely none of which had anything to do with revising the book.**

like this blog entry, for example.

so, enough of this, i have the day, today, i’ve done all the busy work i can think of, the house is clean (or as clean as a house with 2 cats and a dog gets), the syllabi are in good order, i don’t have my other job today, and i have no other excuses. i’m off to the room above the garage, with a cup of tea, my printed draft, a pencil, and a space heater. i’ll check back in at the end of the day.

*the most boggling part of it all, is the fact that i really really really really really really want to do this. i’ve had a blast with the book, almost all the way through, and i’m very excited about the work i’ve done and bringing the last loose or out-of-shape pieces together. i miss it, in fact, and yet, i’ve managed to find everything else to do, instead. amazing. frustrating and illogical, but amazing.

** does this mean i should forego my life to work on the book? of course not. i had a great time with many of these things (again, check out that skydiving), but when i did have time – and i did – i didn’t use it for the book; rather, it was generally frittered away doing things that could well have waited. it’s all about priorities. or lack thereof.