one measly fantastic page

it’s way past bed time and i need to keep this short, but i thought it worth noting that today i only managed barely more than a page of revision, and that is great.

why? because i did it at all. because that 1 page came at the end of the day, when i was turning off the lights and heading up to bed. after i’d loaded the woodstove and turned off the computer and made sure the doors were locked and i was right on the bottom stair, when i remembered that i hadn’t done any work on the book.

instead of writing this morning before work, i did some family stuff, and then did my school work in preparation for next week, rather than waiting putting it off until sunday. it was a tradeoff, but a good one. while i didn’t get anything on the book done,  now the work is done, and the rest of the weekend is anxiety free.

on the other hand, work went a little longer than expected this evening, but that’s okay, because my wife was a little late home, and, no less, surprised me with take out chinese for dinner. i mean, come on, how cool is that?

and what goes better with take out than television (i know how bad that sounds, but it’s fairly true)? so we did a Slings & Arrows (an excellent Canadian tv show about a theatre company struggling with the bizarre and the mundane – humanity, pathos, outright laughter, it’s all here), season 2 marathon, and loved it.

then, at the end of the night, at the bottom of the darkened stair, i remembered the book. i’d made the trade off for real revision progress to get the school work done and free up the rest of the weekend, so that was fine. i could have just gone to bed and still felt accomplished and ready for a good weekend.

but i hadn’t done my five minutes.

and, yet again, these five minutes were gold (and turned into a half hour). i still only got a page or so, but it clicked, it felt good, and i can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

so much for keeping this short.