still focused

another 24 pages this morning, which is good. i want to squeeze a few more in before the inauguration speech and then work, but i have to first shovel out our mailbox so the postal carrier will actually deliver our mail, and pick up the letter to my niece, instead of passing by because the snowplows swamped us; after i shoveled it out the first time, of course.

yeah, having to shovel out mailboxes can be annoying, but when the day comes that my body simply can’t shovel out the mailbox, i will be deeply distressed. and it gets me outside where the sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the snow is beautiful.

  1. I was perusing blogs with “fantasy” here at the word press thingey. Read some comment by your wife, but felt impressed that you got 24 pages done in one day. I’m not sure but I think you’re reviewing those pages with line-edits and workshopping. Good luck on that. I’m more into short stories and/or novellas, but I always compare editing/workshopping to a sculpture chipping away stone to reveal the masterpiece within.

    Again, good luck.

    • thanks very much, john. yes, these are line edits i’m doing now, before releasing it to other eyes, though that will be very soon.

      i would certainly agree with your comparison between editing/workshopping and sculpture. creation, in this way, is as much about what one takes away as what one adds. sadly, this often includes stuff i may think is really cool, but just doesn’t work in a given piece. rather like a significant chunk of the work i was doing yesterday.


      but it has to be done, and it always feel better afterward. in that way, it’s rather like exercise: i don’t always feel charged to start it, but i’m always glad i did it.

      thanks again for stopping by and for the encouragement, and now it’s back to it, since i can’t seem to sleep.

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