less than 50 pages…to go!

32 pages more this morning, buts me at just over 40 pages left, and it’s very hard to stop, even to let myself go to the bathroom (okay, maybe that was a little too much info, but you get the point, right?). however, there’s actual paying work to be done this afternoon, and a foot of snow to get off the back roof before the next storm in a couple days.

it’s great to be this wired again, though. i’m into the final events and getting caught up all over again, re-experiencing it. you’d think, because i wrote it, and finished less than a couple months ago, that i’d have it all in my head. maybe my memory’s just poor, but, while i certainly remember the events and the conversations and all that, it’s the details, the word choices, the smaller twists and turns along the way, that surprise me.

true, sometimes it’s not a good surprise, but that’s why i’m revising, and even in these cases there are good surprises, as i work out (or discover) a much better way of doing or saying whatever it is. more often than not, though, especially in these last pages, the surprises are quite nice. admittedly, it may not take much to lift me, the use of a specific word here, the distillation of an unnecessary paragraph into a single powerful sentence there, the imagery of a moment, the sound of a character’s voice, that sort of thing.

we’ll see if anyone else agrees soon enough, but for now, and, ultimately, forever, if i’m not jazzed about it, what am i doing here?

here’s to dreams.