ay, ay, ay, ay!

okay, it’s half past midnight, i just put in another four hours, and i’m still only up to page 70. it’s not looking good at this point for making the self-imposed deadline. i’d have to cover 16 pages per hour for the next 24 hours to make it, and at the current rate, i’ll probably land closer to 250, if I’m lucky.

why so slow? well, the obvious reason is the re-revising going on. i know, i know, i shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s all but impossible to keep my fingers out of the pie. another reason, though, is it takes a bit of time to figure out some of what i scribbled down in the first place.

but, enough babbling. it’s well past time for bed, if tomorrow’s going to be even remotely productive.

tonight’s revision music: “Canción del Mariachi (Morena de Mi Corazón)” from the Desperado soundtrack (yep, just the one song)