stupid exercise

okay, so i’ve said more than once how important exercise is for my sanity and for my writing process. when i’m not exercising regularly, i’m not writing regularly (or well).

and then i go to the gym and shift my neck ever so slightly during a push and *twang* the whole thing goes out of whack.* okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. i’ve just got a tight neck, now. nothing terrible, but walking around like i’m strapped to a steel rod is just annoying. particularly when i forget and try to turn quickly. the worst part, of course, is knowing the moment that it happened that i shouldn’t have done it.

but if i hadn’t gone to the gym, none of this would’ve happened…

pathetic whining aside, though, i did make good progress this morning on the book (thanks also to the Advil, the heating pad, an excellent backrub from my wife this morning before work, and the rejuvenative power of a hot cup of tea), and what looked like another slow slog section has actually shot by with exciting speed.

now where’s that heating pad…

* i’d love to blame my dad for my weak back, but a couple years of wrestling for school (and poorly, by the way), and then practically tearing my rhomboid out during crew practice certainly haven’t helped any.

  1. Keep exercising, man. I speak from experience, had I kept weightlifting regularly during law school, I might have actually enjoyed my time there… and probably would have done better in the long run. Having said all of that, sorry about your neck. It does make for- HEY, LOOK OVER THERE! Oh, sorry :~)

    I kept seeing in Mary’s posts that she seems to have developed a fixation on tea. I was worried, and about to contact you for an intervention, but now, you too?

  2. over where-ow! oh, ha ha.

    thanks for the support, though, truly. exercise is key. i may not like doing it (and very often i don’t), but i’m always glad i did when i’m done. and even the stiff neck is okay, really. it helps me be thankful for the rest of the time when it’s not in pain.

    as for tea, oh my son, we are lost causes over here. we have almost as many varieties on our shelf as the supermarket. and then some.

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