draft 2(or 5) is done

okay, so it’s a little after midnight, but i did, officially, finish just before the stroke of 12, so it was done on the 15th of february.

that being said, it’s a little after midnight, so all the energy that has held me up the past several hours (and it has been a fantastic time, i must say) has suddenly evaporated with the completion of the typed revisions, so my intensity level is waning quickly.

nonetheless, it’s done, and sometime tomorrow a handful of folks will start reading it for the first time and i will have to wait patiently for them to finish and not hound them daily, hourly, minutely(?) with ‘are you done yet? are you done yet?’ more than all the difficulty writing, i think this might be the hardest part.

for now, though, i bid good night, and seek my bed.