in the meantime…

so, with the book in limbo as i wait for readers to finish (and do my best not to pester them), i spent most of last week’s writing time working short stories. i’ve a few i’ve been wanting to get a final look at before i send them out (meaning, of course, another revision for each), but i’ve kept all that on hold until the book got out to readers. it was great to revisit with these stories, both to give them the attention they deserve, and to revisit with the characters. of course, there are things that need work, but i still feel the strength of each one, which is a very good feeling.

it was also good to be focusing on something other than No Good Deed. not that i want to be done with it*, but that i need to let go for a bit, to be honest with it when i return to it.

well, that was how it was supposed to work, anyway. after pestering my wife with questions as she read the manuscript, i’ve spent most of this weekend working on the query letter and researching potential agents. i’ve described before how difficult and drawn out a process query letters have been for me. not so, for this one. it’s not perfect, yet, but it’s pretty darn close, and i’m pretty darn excited about it.

now, though, i must wait, and that’s a good thing. i don’t want to rush it.** besides, i’ve got the remaining short stories to revise and get out, and the next book to outline. it’s been dancing around in the back room of my mind for almost as long as i’ve been working on NGD, but now it’s time to put it to paper and spend some quality time with it. i have a feeling this one will ask more of me, emotionally, and i’m intrigued by that. a little nervous about whether i am up to the task, but intrigued to give it a go.

* in fact, i’m actually looking forward to a good long relationship with this one, but that conversation’s for another time, should things go as hoped for…

** well, i do want to rush it, actually, because i feel really very good it and don’t want to delay a minute, but i know that would definitely be a mistake.