by all that’s sacred and sane

you may or may not have noticed* that the site has been down for more than a week. i don’t think i can rehash it all, right now, though i might well return to it later. suffice it to say, a simple account change with Network Solutions (with whom i’ve been happy for going on 10 years) turned into a mind-boggling series of seemingly willful mis-communications, the end result of which was the complete loss of my blog.


let me say up front that i take full responsibility for not making a local download of everything prior to this request. that was stupid. i know that. i should never have assumed they would get it right. i’ve been in IT and web dev for way too long to not follow this rule. it doesn’t matter that Network Solutions is arguably the biggest name in reliable hosting, and that i had them backing up my site and my database nightly. never assume. that being said…

i had to be an extremely squeaky wheel every couple days for more than a week to get them to go to their own backup services and revive my data. i lost a couple blog posts since their last backup, but, thanks to the fact that i cross-post all my entries to and facebook, i was able to copy and past those two back in without a hitch.

and here we are, back together again. i’m having a hard time reconciling the bitterness left in my mouth over this incident. or, more accurately, i’m having a hard time understanding how it all happened in the first place.

but my brain is exhausted, now; i’ve had to re-jigger my second week’s worth of class assignments and individual meetings because of our second snow day (which i unfortunately spent far too much of on the phone with Network Solutions), and it’s mid-semester and i had a fiasco with my modem and our local ISP as an indirect result of the contract work i do, which nearly drove us all bananas, and now is not exactly fixed, but not broken, either, and i just need to go to bed.

boy, i’m old.

but there is light! i’ve done a fair amount of tidying on No Good Deed, based on my wife’s* sharp eyes and close reading. mostly small potatoes stuff, but there was also a notable character adjustment, for the (far!) better, and which gives me fodder for a future consideration…

also, i’ve been still at the short story work. i have a micro and a flash submission out, and hope to get two more shorts out this weekend.

and, in totally unrelated news, i’ve finally mastered ‘on top of old smoky’ on the piano, with both hands working separately!

now, i’m really going to bed. and yes, it’s only 8:30.

* i really hope you’ve noticed, but if you haven’t, just say you have so i can feel more popular than i am.

** who loved the book, by the way, which lifted me higher than i can express.