my mom likes it!

and i am unabashedly pleased!

okay, so, yeah, she’s my mom, of course she’ll be proud of what i do, and appreciate the work that went into it and all, but she called me tonight to tell me she just put her reader’s copy of No Good Deed down for the first time since she picked it up three days ago. obviously not literally, but she said it pulled her along so completely that she wanted to call me to tell me how much she was enjoying it, but she didn’t want to stop reading long enough to do that. and she didn’t even need to take notes!*

of course, she had some questions, partly because of the speed she read it at so she’s going to re-read a bit, but come on, how incredibly cool is that?

thanks, mom!

* as was understandably necessary for Witness. the difference between the two experiences, then, i’m going to consider an indication of my ability to expand as a writer. that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.


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