hello, AlienSkin Magazine!

impossible as it may seem, this is not my first officially published piece. if you’re bored, you can read my rambling explanation, here.

the story is ‘Creation Myth’, not ‘Death of a Muse’ as originally posted. my fault, entirely, though i’m going to blame it on illness (i was asleep most of the day as a result) and my giddiness at being published. sorry for any confusion.

breaking news! my very first officially published piece will appear in the april/may issue of AlienSkin Magazine!

i got the email, saw the return address, and assumed it was another rejection.  instead, i got a stomach full of happy butterflies!

the piece is called ‘Death of a Muse’ ‘Creation Myth’ and it’s micro-fiction (150 words exactly, not counting the title), but most importantly, the folks at AlienSkin liked it enough to take it on!

now, i’ll certainly let you know when my story’s posted, there, but go on over to in the meantime. it’s a lively collection of flash and micro fiction stories, across the science fiction, fantasy, and horror spectrum.

writing extremely short pieces like this is often harder than it seems, but it’s a great way of honing your skills at, well, honing your writing, carving down to the bare essence, but still providing a full experience. i’m nowhere near the skill of many folks in this arena, but it’s been great to push myself in this way.

okay, enough celebrating, get back to the synopsis!
(talk about encouragement, though!)