i’m having a hard sitting down this morning and i can’t tell if it’s from the tea or the combination terror/excitement of finalizing the query letters. i’m assuming the latter.

with enormous help from my wife, i’ve narrowed the field down and gotten the query letter done, except for one bit. in almost all my research on query letters, agents make a point of saying that letters that contain references to them specifically (not just getting their names right, but showing you’ve done some work on finding out what they like, etc.) does help a query letter along. the story is still core, of course; a poor/weak/average story won’t be helped by a personal note, but a good/strong story with a cover letter showing attention to the agent, specifically will definitely have a better chance of further consideration.

so, here i am, trying to customize the letters to each of the agents. the kicker, though, is trying NOT to sound like a suck-up, which is harder than it seems it should be. it feels like everything i write sounds like i’m back standing on the sidelines before a kickball game, screaming “pick me! pick me!” thus, my nerves are a mess. i feel like i’m this close, and yet still a million miles away.

of course, i can hear my wife, now: “stop over-thinking it!”

and, as usual, she’d be absolutely right.

which is good, because i’m late for work.