short story re-joy

this morning i’ve been working on the final tweaks for Congestive Heart Failure and it amazes me, yet again, how much fun i get to have. even in revision. to watch a piece i’ve written grow from initial idea to draft to revision is a fascinating and incredibly rewarding experience.

no, it’s not always genuine fun, that’s true, but any difficulties or obstacles i encounter only serve to make the greater experience that much more rewarding. it’s kind of like being sick. the sickness itself isn’t fun, but without being sick, how would i ever know what feeling good was? more importantly, how would i appreciate it?

first thing this morning i corrected some student essays, and in fifteen minutes i start the day’s work for my web job, but in the time between i’ve been living in a (slightly) different world and discovering nuances of character as i follow this short story. even better, i am employing steadily more and more craft knowledge, to better reveal and express these people and their situation.*

i get to learn something every day, from broad-stroke stuff like new character arcs or plot devices, to needle-in-haystack stuff like word choice and even paragraph structure.

in fact, the only downside is realizing that i haven’t been doing more of this lately, because i’ve been obsessed with query letters for NGD.

it’s good to be writing again.

*at least, i’m trying to, but you folks get to be the ultimate judges, in good time.