saved by the weekend; next?

as predicted, not sending the query letters out on friday was a very good thing. surprise.

i had a genuine breakthrough on saturday morning, which really helped me seal the deal on being both concise and engaging. it meant leaving out a lot of cool stuff, but that’s what the book’s for. of course, i think i say this each time i send new ones out, but i think this one really nails all the necessary points of a good query letter.

so there’s less freaking out this time, thankfully, which is always a good sign. or an indication of utter ignorance, but we’re going to go with the former, thank you.

so now what?

No Good Deed 2. yep, it’s official. this story needs to be told, and neither Kelly, nor my wife, are up for waiting any more. nor, honestly, am i. i’ve been enjoying the short story work, but i’m most excited by this series, and this next one gets even better! i haven’t forgotten about All Prophets are Liars, by any means, and i have a couple short stories on their way out this week, but right now NGD2 takes preference.


i suppose it’s a personal test to see if i can do this series thing, if i can do another book in 7 months (or less!), if i can do No Good Deed one better. i believe i can, but one needs proof, after all. there’s a world of difference between thinking something and doing it, and i’m done thinking it.

now wait just a second. do any of these reasons not apply to APaL?

no, not really.

so why NGD, instead? and be honest.

okay, because NGD is more accessible. i might even say it’s more fun, though that isn’t intended as a negative on APaL-

yeah yeah yeah, stop babbling. so you’re writing what you think will sell?

well, yes.

ha! sellout!

no, it’s not that simple.

oh, stop rationaliz-

just be quiet a second, will you? look, i didn’t write a cookie-cutter urban fantasy. Kelly’s not a classic heroine. the story doesn’t follow the standard formula. the conflicts are more interesting and varied than what i’ve seen in the genre, both more subtle and more sweeping. the action is both a blast and terrifying, and there are deeper reasons and compelling arguments that refuse to simplify into black and white.


yes, i think it will sell. i think i’ve discussed this before, about how i struggled in the beginning with this idea; whether i was writing to fit a trend or reading demographic, or whether i was writing a story i felt passionately about. from the moment i handwrote the first scene, though, that question disappeared. i needed to follow Kelly wherever she led me. i didn’t have a choice. i still don’t.

exactly. and that’s why NGD2 is up next. APaL has a special place in my heart and will be a fantastic series, but Rick and Sarah can wait a little longer for me. right now, it’s Kelly’s turn and i’m just thrilled to be a part of it.