some extra work, but staying on target

i’ve just taken on another course at the college, helping out for a faculty member who has taken suddenly ill (he should be fine, thankfully, but he’ll be out for the rest of the semester). this is my first mid-semester gig and there are the expected acclimation pains, though the students have been very receptive and understanding. they genuinely miss their instructor, though, as many of them picked this specific class because of him.

how wonderful is that? i hope someday to inspire that kind of response.

however, it does mean somewhat less time for writing for the next 5 weeks. i’m treating this as a challenge, though, to keep my writing time free from school work. this means pushing the extra school work into the evening for now, but my wife is entirely supportive and does not begrudge the temporary loss of shared time. with any luck, though, i can maximize the work i do on campus to keep the evening work to a minimum.

right now, though, i’ve got a class of reports to grade.