1. Well done! I was a little nervous at first, the URL almost looks like “Alien Skinmagazine” and, having done the magazines at Bookland or all those years, I was thinking “Oh God, Bill, what is this?” An interesting philosophy, reminds me of the Greek theogony, but very much its own and unique.

  2. thanks, Mike! you’re right about the magazine title; it may easily be, ah, miscontrued. as for the the story, though, it’s actually the result of a college writing assignment given to a friend of mine, all those years ago. i never seemed to get the interesting assignments, but she was told to come up with her own creation myth and an early version of this came to me almost immediately. i’m glad you liked it!

    (full disclosure: i did have to look up ‘theogony’, just to be sure; my classics professor would be so disappointed)

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